Froggyloupe is a low cost video magnifier

Froggyloupe CCTV improve reading skills of low vision people. It's a real color video magnifier. When connected to your TV set, it brings you a bunch of reading applications : book reading, newspapers surfing, handwriting, crosswords. All of these in wide scope and high contrast.

It helps people with ARMD who can not read any more with traditionnal reading loupes or good eyeglasses. It also provides much more pleasure to people who want to magnify a newspaper column in full width.

It is simple to use controls : Press right eye for Power on/off. Press left eye for contrast control. Turn tongue to adjust focus. Hold me up to adjust magnification.

Froggyloupe is designed and produced in France (this is obvious for a real Frog, isn'it). It's so easy to getting started with it. Just try and see by yourself !

Froggyloupe side viewFroggyloupe design

Froggyloupe face close up

(c) 2009-2011 Thomas Sinclair Laboratoires, Paris
 Low Cost CCTV in Low Vision Aids