Using Froggyloupe CCTV

Some examples of how Froggyloupe video magnifier is used. Please send us your own pictures by email.

Froggyloupe reading on medium size TV set

Reading with medium size TV set

Froggyloupe on TV program

TV program

Froggyloupe with Sudoku


Froggyloupe and cooking

Let's cook with Froggyloupe

Froggyloupe and stamp collection

Stamp collection. TV set on special arm, so that positionned above Froggyloupe

Reading newspapersFroggyloupe sur programme TV width=

Reading newpapers

Froggyloupe and Bridge


Froggyloupe for life

Everyday life

Visual acuity and magnification.

Distributeur Froggyloupe 1

Froggyloupe is designed for people with AMD, with a remaining visual acuity between 20/800 et 20/40. Switches are highly visible and easy to use. Froggyloupe is ready to use, with all cables already connected.

Magnification is linked to screen dimension, distance to screen, and Froggyloupe settings (just move Froggy head up and down). Magnification range is 2x (20" TV at 65 cm) to more than 40x (40" TV at 20 cm). Most users choose magnification that allows largest field of view : for example, a newspaper column is displayed on the full width of screen.


Visual field and width of magnified text

Froggyloupe field of viewVisual field of Froggyloupe, the text width which is on the screen, is 4 cm to 12 cm wide. One single newspaper column is 5 to 6 cm wide. One book column is usualy between 8 to 12 cm. Froggyloupe visual field is much higher than a traditionnal optical loupe, or even than a portable eletronic magnifier. That allows reading, writing, handworking (camera can be moved in a lot of direction), even makeup.


Froggyloupe has 3 contrast modes :

According to their needs, everyone can find the apropriate contrast mode. To switch contrast, just press let eye of Froggyloupe.

Ergonomy and ease of use

Froggyloupe manipulation simpleFroggyloupe is design to simplify user life and reading. Switches are large. Manipulation is easy, event with low sensitive fingers or with fist. To use Froggyloupe, that is that easy to remember :

This is simple. And this is very important in order to raise confidence of a low vision people starting reading again.

Transport and dimensions

Just fold Froggyloupe and put it in its case. Dimension of reading base : 40 cm x 29 cm. Weight of Froggyloupe : 2.5 Kg.

Froggyloupe is connected standard TV set via Peritel plug. Froggyloupe can be connected on computer screen. Use optional video converter (Video->VGA converter for VGA manitor connection, or pour branchement direct sur moniteur VGA, or Video->USB2 converter for acquisition and display on screen window of computer).


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